Chauvin Arnoux CA6460 Earth & Resistivity Tester



Chauvin Arnoux CA6460 Earth & Resistivity Tester Details

Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, the Chauvin Arnoux CA6460 is there whenever you need to test earth connections.

Built-into its own protective, watertight carrying case for extreme durability and easy transportation, the Chauvin Arnoux CA6460 is ideal for use on both existing and new electrical grounding applications. Whether you’re setting up a brand new system and want to ensure correct earthing or are carrying out measurement/error diagnosis to maintain safety in electrical systems, the CA6460 has all of the tests you need to test safely, accurately and find problems with earth.

This earth tester can measure ground resistivity (using 4 rods), ground connection resistance (using 2 rod TAGG method) and coupling between two earthing points using 4-wire measurements. It has three measurement ranges: 0 to 19.99Ω, 20 to 199.9Ω and 200 to 1999Ω.

Chauvin Arnoux CA6460 Earth & Resistivity Tester Key Features

  • Robust, watertight casing for use indoors and outdoors
  • 3 testers in one – the CA6460 calculates resistivity, earth and coupling
  • Automatic checks – 3 light indicators show fault presence
  • Large-size LCD display with backlight for use in poor conditions
  • Meets stringent safety standards – designed to protect against parasitic voltage, high telluric current and highly-resistive auxiliary connections
  • 4 connecting terminals with colour coding for use with banana plugs or forked lugs
  • Fuse holder
  • Test initiation button
  • Compatible with normal and rechargeable batteries (normal batteries supplied)

What’s Included?

  • Chauvin Arnoux CA6460 Earth and Resistivity Tester
  • Batteries
  • User Manual (in 5 Languages)

Technical Specs



Part Code: P01126501

Chauvin Arnoux CA6460 Technical Specifications

Measurement Types Earth, Resistivity, Coupling
Type 3P & 4P
 Measurement Range  0 to 2000Ω
Resolution  10mΩ/100mΩ/1Ω (depending on range used)
Accuracy ±(2%+1ct)
No-Load Voltage ≤42V peak
Frequency 128Hz
Alarms  3 fault indicator LEDs to validate the measurement
Power Supply 8 x 1.5V batteries
Display 2000 count digital LCD screen
Electrical Safety IEC 61010 & IEC 61557
Dimensions 273 x 247 x 127mm (handle folded away)
Weight 2.8kg


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