TestSafe Insulated Nose Pliers – 2 Sizes Available



TestSafe Insulated Nose Pliers – 2 Sizes Available Details

These nose pliers are fully insulated against AC voltage up to 1000V and ensure protection when cutting wiring and holding components.

The pliers are available in two different variations. The table below outlines the difference between each option (choose which you’d like using the dropdown box above).

Model  Size   Max Cutting Diameter (mm)  Length
Medium Hard Wire  Hard Wire 
 91LB202 6″ 2.0 1.6 160mm
91LB201 8″ 2.4 2.0 200mm


All of our pliers are subjected to extreme testing before they are ready for purchase.

 Plier Adhesiveness Plier Adhesiveness Testing

The overall adhesion of the insulated material uses on the pliers has been tested to ensure firm bonding to the tool underneath.

 Plier Cold Impact Strength Cold Impact Strength Testing

The pliers are exposed to temperature under -25°C to ensure that the insulation can’t be broken by a knock. The test verifies that insulation cannot break or split.

Plier Combustability Combustability Testing

The insulation of the plier is exposed to flame for 10 seconds. If correctly designed, no visible burn damage can be seen and the fire extenguishes itself.

 Plier Dielectric Breakdown Dielectric Testing

No dielectric breakdown should take place when the pliers are exposed to pressure under 20N and temperature up to 70°C at a test voltage of 5000V AC.

Plier Dielectric Strength Dielectric Strength Testing

The pliers are tested at a voltage of 1000V AC to check the insulation. If they pass, this means that 100% safety is guaranteed when working with systems up to this threshold

Plier Insulation Resistance Insulation Resistance Testing

The pliers are immersed in water for 24 hours and then are tested at 1000V AC for 3 minutes. Any leakage current is measured and a spark or breakdown of insulation is not acceptable to pass the test.

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